___:____     |"\/"|
  ,'        `.    \  /
  |  O        \___/  |

Because I'm overoptimistic
Because life is nasty, brutish, and short
Because I'm a grim realist
Because maybe then it will fit
Because I feel more than ever
Because it's beautiful
Because I don't care what anyone thinks and they'll respect me for it dammit
Because I don't understand myself

When you hold a straw
Everything needs to be slurped
Confirmation bias

Seas rise, levees break
Bees dead, water bad, fish gone
Milkmen must retrain


Theme: Gratitude

Late night visitor
Soft voice, accuse and threaten
Tact is subjective

Caught in the moment
Lead by counterexample
Value in hindsight

Happiness is fine
Unpredictable at best
Give thanks regardless

Cracked joints, creaky bones
Three lashes across the face
Pain blossoms to life


Poop out a haiku
Do the minimum required
Success is ensured

Man trips on sidewalk
Plant fails to meet earnings goal
A cause and effect
As the tree hit her from behind
she didn't have time to react
she folded forwards, forced by impact
Her life didn't flash before her eyes
Her arm felt heavy and weightless
she remembered the things she still wanted to do 
but hadn't made time for yet
Whether or not it had been enough became irrelevant 
under the weight of what was


Form should never come at the expense of function. The two can coexist, but everything needs to have a purpose. You can intentionally keep a feature set limited, but the primary reason to do this would be to maintain focus on the core capability of the product, not to ensure that the product is beautiful.


"Basically, everything out there is binary in some way or another: dead or alive, blue or green, good or evil, one or many. Of course there can be a spectrum for any given binary pair, but ultimately every single thing falls into one camp or the other. Something could be on the verge of death, or comatose, but until they actually cross the plane they are still considered alive. Someone might commit an act that could be categorized as evil, but when it comes to labelling the person themselves it is a weighing of all their actions and the effects that they have. Some weight is given to intentions, but if there is an outsized evil impact sprung from good intentions then the person is finally categorized as evil. Do you follow me?" 
"Well yes, although I don't necessarily agree with your examples. Blue or green? There are lots of other colors!"
"You could say the same thing about life or death, but it all comes down to definitions of terms. For example, would you consider a mushroom dead or alive? Under certain definitions of life, it would qualify, but under others it wouldn't. So your worldview is formed by the definitions that you acknowledge."
"I can agree with that, but still... blue or green? What about a fire truck?"
"How do you figure that?"
"Well, it's not blue, so by my calculation that makes it green."
"Why wouldn't the binary pair then just be blue and not blue?"
"You can't just go around life creating your binary pairs based on negation. Something can't be defined by absence, it needs to be given identity."

This dude I met yesterday and his wife sold me some spinach leaves they taste very home grown they live in Elgin it was at the farmer's market but it didn't sound like they have a farm just a garden I say it this way because I talked to the guy first I don't want to discount the role his wife played in the growing of the spinach but she also seemed to defer to him on the spinach pricing so it kind of seemed like it was his deal the spinach itself is not particularly remarkable and I don't comparison shop on spinach so I'm not sure if the price was particularly high but it probably was compared to the grocery store however I like eating it more because I know that it came from a garden in Elgin

The turtle woke with a start. She had been dozing at the edge of the pond all afternoon, enjoying the warmth of the summer sun on her wrinkled head. She woke for no apparent reason, other than her turtle sense telling her that it was time to move. She did not give much thought to this sense and trusted it completely. Wading into the water she felt powerful, legs extending in a way reminicent of an engine revving up. She travelled by habit to her favorite feeding spot a quarter turn clockwise around the pond. The greens here were plentiful and tasty. She munched on them half at ease, one eye always towards the south end of the pond where the pike lived. Usually the pike did not attack turtles but one can never be too careful.

The pike was not in a good mood. She rarely was. She had only eaten twice that day and was fairly pissed about it. She stayed deep on days like this, when the sun tended to reflect off her scales causing a dreadful disco ball effect. She was the only pike in this pond, a curiosity washed in as a roe from a neighboring pond via the storm drain. It was unlikely for her to exist at all yet there she was. She was unaware of her history but acutely aware of the circumstance. She was not capable of feeling lonely (or so she told herself) but it was pike mating season and she had a certain amount of sexual frustration. As a result, the other residents of the pond seems to be even more scarce than usual. She decided to take a lap around the perimeter, she thought that she felt the water current of a turtle ..

The man of the west uses all aspects of his environment
Cactus boots are a resourceful way to keep his feet cool in the brutal sun
The spines are used to poke out the eyes of his enemies
Of which there are many in such an unforgiving place

When the well runs dry you must dig a new one
Or fill the old one with water again
Go to Walmart and buy the cheapest water in bulk that you can find
Pour them all into your well
Repeat as needed

The only two possible responses to slavery are to fight or accept it
When fighting it means death, is the cost too high?

Measurement of love is a complicated process
It requires a complete brain scan and expert analysis
Only then can you tell if someone loves you as much as you love them

Faith too can be measured in this way
It separates the saints from the false prophets
But even if faith is real, this says nothing about the reality of God himself

I'm no herbivore, but that plant is not looking too good.
Yeah you're right, it is looking kind of hungry.

"Listen to your body" "the body wants"
Look at this hand - is it yours? 
When you move the fingers
Straighten the back
Trace the outline of the nipple

The past and future are imaginary
Where does this lead you, hedonism or discipline?
Even hedonists must exercise moderation, drawing a line before death
In this way both camps are the same

Eat two complementary foods but keep one on each side of mouth
Focus your mind on chewing and tasting each one 
This is more efficient than eating it all separately, trust me

Cats are not trusted
They are aliens with stockholm syndrome
Untrainable and unknowable

He was in the habit of smoking a cigarette after getting home from work
He had quit in the past and still considered himself clean
It was always just one, highly regimented but still something to look forward to
An almost military like habit in its limitation and continuity
He found himself looking at the clock near the end of the day quite often
His discipline in this practice was almost a source of pride

The first and last bites are the best
Followed by the second and all in between
If you drop the ice cream cone, did you still enjoy it?

A snail outgrowing its shell
But too slow to change, and now stuck
Sluggy mass pressing out on carapace, threatening to rupture
We all have moments like this

Spoon to broth, gingerly testing
Immediate flavor, back of jaw richness
Eat slowly so as not to oversaturate
In sharing, it's revealed - "Too much filé"
Enjoyment still present but dampened

Leaves rustling outside. 
Light shined - nothing revealed. 
Nervousness about the night and its terrors. 
The cat at the window, searching with you and finding nothing.
Suddenly, a bright naked tail, illuminated by moon and kitchen lights.
Invasion by a possum hoping to exist.